I have always been intrigued by sculptural fashion, so I researched the ways that materials can be manipulated into unconventional textile structures. It was interesting to find that more rigid materials like wire and 3D-printed plastic can become delicate and wearable. I also gained a new appreciation for crochet when I found out how mathematical/logical it is, and how it has the ability to morph into a myriad of forms.


As our class learned to crochet, we decided to each make a sea creature for a collaborative mini crocheted coral reef. Below is my contribution, which is the result of a variety of techniques, yarn thicknesses, and patterns that yield different forms. During this time, I also learned the basics of weaving. Scroll down to see an example that explores texture and color blocking.


My research and explorations left me most interested in creating a piece that combined a wearable wire structure with crochet. The theme of personal growth and renewal came naturally to me as I had just come off a tough year of balancing new roles and responsibilities. With crochet being such a flexible, forgiving and soft medium, I thought it worked particularly well with this theme. Below is a map of my emotional health vs. time, and the sketches I developed based on it.

The final design I developed is a mashup of my favourite elements in the above: a color contrast that suggests change, visual continuity that provides a sense of transition, and varied textures to enhance dimensionality on the runway. Shortly after this, however, COVID-19 sent us home so I simplified my design and removed the frame element as a result of this change in access to resources. The concept remained unchanged.



Though the runway show we originally planned for was cancelled, I created a garment that fit my body which was a huge learning experience nonetheless.



This project helped ease my fear of trying. I used to be hesitant towards approaching a project if the outcome seemed potentially undesirable due to my lack of skills. Since I'd never crocheted before (let alone create a garment), my vision seemed daunting. To my surprise, learning new techniques was not as stressful as I expected; in fact, it turned out to be therapeutic. With some trial and error, I ended up with a result that I'm happy with.